Quite often you will see images of abandoned and derelict buildings processed in HDR to really extract the details of things like peeling wallpaper and broken floor tiles. So on my latest outing I took the same approach by taking several bracketed exposures to create the images you see below in this post.

One of the highlights of this location is this wheelchair. It is amazing how such things have just been left behind. The colours in this image really blend well and the details in the chair have been highlighted.

This image scene reminded me of something out of a horror film so I processed the image to have a cold, haunting feel to it.

Finally a view from one end of the building to the other. Out of all three images I processed this one to be the closest to looking how it actually does in real life whereas the other two are slightly over-exaggerated.

Stay tuned for future posts containing non-HDR images of this location.