As you grow as a photographer you learn many new techniques whether they are within the camera or in post-processing. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography is something I learnt a while back but it wasn’t until the past few months did I come to realise that less is more. The process of HDR is famously known for its highly detailed and over saturated results which you can see for yourself if you just  do a Google image search for “HDR”. In the beginning I liked to really over cook my images which looking back at them now, they look rather silly. Of course there are occasions where over exaggerated colours actually add something to a photograph and at the end of the day it is mostly down to personal preference.

This particular image is a re-edit of one of my very first HDR images. I decided to process it again as the original version was one of those overcooked images that really doesn’t look that good. I also removed the crop to show the original framing which I believe actually works better. I also hope that this reprocessed image actually looks closer to what my eye saw when taking the photograph.