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2014 Projects: Multiple Exposures Part III

One last photo for this month’s project. This image consists of two photos from Saint Mary’s Church in Warwick. I now need to think of a theme for March’s project.


2014 Projects: Multiple Exposures Part II

Second attempt at some multiple exposures. Again I’ve layered two or more images onto each other. These two images were taken in Leamington Spa and Warwick respectively. I am finding it difficult to get good looking images in colour while using this technique.


2014 Projects: Multiple Exposures Part I

Month Two of my monthly projects is Multiple Exposures. This is something I’ve been wanting to double exposure photography for quite a while. Traditionally Double/Multiple Exposure Photography was achieved by not winding the film on a taking another image on the same frame. Some digital cameras allow for you to multiple exposures however my Canon […]