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2014: The Best Images

12 months ago I decided I would attempt to do a different photo project each month and was successful up until 10 months in, where I was unable to take any images in October. You can see all images from the 9 projects I did manage to complete by clicking here. This post is a showcase for my […]


2014 Projects: Coventry Part I

The turn of a new year often brings about change in the form of new year’s resolutions, something I’ve never been big on. This year however I am giving them a go but in the form of my photography and what I’ve come up with is to undertake a project/challenge each month this year. When […]


Best Of

Since this is my first post, I thought it’d be best to post up some of what I consider to be my best images as a way to introduce myself. The image below is what I consider to be my first ever good photograph. It is one where everything seemed to work and the right […]