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Birmingham Bullring Abstract

2014 Projects: Abstract & Architecture Part II

A rather unsuccessful month for project number 3 here we see the second and final part for Abstract and Architecture. This particular image is a close up of Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre, quite a popular subject for abstract photographs.


Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham opened in September 2013 and since then I’ve seen some interesting photos of it. So, I decided to pop by while taking some images for this month’s project and get pictures for myself. There are two viewing platforms both with gardens and an amazing view of the city. Definitely worth take […]


The Market

Street photography can be challenging. You can either stand around waiting for something to happen or you can go out and search for it. I personally prefer to go out and look for it. One of my favourite places to go are markets. They are busy with plenty of interaction to be captured. Recently I […]


A Second Attempt

It was back in June 2012 when I first attempted Street Photography and it was totally unlike anything I had ever done before. Up until that point I had only really shot land and cityscapes, never once had I actually considered using people as my subject matter.