Instagram quite often gets a bad rap in the photography community, and if you’re not sure why you can check out the article I linked to in this week’s inspiration post. I however am on the pro Instagram side of things. It is a great way to share quick snapshots of places you visit or of anything that catches your eye. It may be true that 99% of images uploaded to Instagram might not have any artistic value, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good photographs. In this post you will find a collection of my best Instagram photos and they are 100% food free.

This photo was captured while in the car traveling at around 70mph and turned out pretty well considering. I applied the black and white filter to put across a hard, cold, industrial feel to the image. Just proving that the filters can add something to photos.

Again, one thing Instagram filters are capable of is adding atmosphere to images, in this case it adds an eerie look.

The iPhone is quite good in low light situations which allowed me to snap this picture of Gary Numan performing in Manchester.

Less is more. Photography primarily about light and composition, I took advantage of what light was available and composed my photo for a minimal, almost abstract look.

Remember, photography is for everyone. Don’t be a snob.