The turn of a new year often brings about change in the form of new year’s resolutions, something I’ve never been big on. This year however I am giving them a go but in the form of my photography and what I’ve come up with is to undertake a project/challenge each month this year.

When researching for ideas of photography projects, the ones that cropped up the most (pardon the pun) were; challenge 365 (take a photo every day), 52 (a photo a week) and where you live. I don’t think I am ready for the first two so I’ve opted for the third most common suggestion; where you live which in my case is the City of Coventry. Over the next few weeks you will see photos from various locations around the city.

These first few photos are from the city centre, specifically notable landmarks.

Coventry Cathedral

Old and New Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Canal Basin Windows

Millennium Place Coventry