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Composition is something photographers start to learn very early on after picking up a camera. It is a key part of photography and there are many different elements, to name a few; the rule of thirds, use of leading lines, use of symmetry, forced perspective and many, many more. In this post I am mostly going to talk about foregrounds and how they can be used to create a path for the eye through the whole image. In landscape photography […]

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Urban exploration has been an interest of mine for many years. The amount of derelict buildings in the United Kingdom is sharply on the decline and those that do remain have either had all their key features destroyed, stolen, or the security on site mitigates any chance of gaining access without breaking the law. This has left me with few opportunities to capture these decaying structures in a way I see fit nearly impossible. Outside the UK there are a […]

Light In Photography

As photographers we have a close connection with light, it is the single most important element to any single photograph. We are able to control how much light enters our cameras by manipulating the shutter speed, aperture and ISO speed and by doing this we can construct several different effects. It is not just the in camera controls that dictate the light available, external sources such as flush guns, studio lights, reflectors and various other pieces of kit can influence […]