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Recently I had the opportunity to test out a sample of Saal Digital’s Professional Line Photobook and in this post I am going to go over my impressions of the product, how easy it was to create and order as well as my thought process behind the images I selected.

Over the last year I have begun ordering prints of my photographs, something I have not done since I was required to have prints for my photography course back in school. So far these had just been individual A4 prints with the main purpose of being able to see my images off of a screen. While browsing Facebook I was presented with an offer from Saal Digital to do a product test for their Professional Line Photobook series.

To create the photobook, you must download Saal Digital’s software, app or create a PDF with your images on. I used their software on macOS and while I decided to create a basic photobook, the software was easy to use with plenty of features to really produce something that really looks fantastic. Once you’ve created your photobook in the software you simply click order and you are taken to the payment screen, it really is a straightforward process.

I opted for a 26-page 30×21 book with the acrylic and leather cover and their glossy photo paper. The book itself lays flat so panoramic style photographs will look amazing across two pages. The overall quality of the book is fantastic, the paper is bright and therefore your images look amazing, the colours are accurate and the contrast in the printing is fantastic. If you are considering one you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Many photobooks have a single theme, however I wanted to cover the many different styles of images that I have taken over the last 11 years. I opted to go with a transition from nature to man-made to people, this covers my landscape photography, wildlife, city and urban exploration to then photos of people in the forms of candid street, live music and portraits – all the styles of photography I have tried. Essentially what this photobook has become is a “best of” collection, my all-time favourite photographs I have ever taken. Having these images in a high quality photobook is amazing, it is something to keep and look back on – a true keepsake.

If you are interested in making a photobook head over to Saal Digital.

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