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Welcome Back

This site has been a long time coming. For those not familiar I have had a website for my photography in some form or another for many years. While I can’t remember the first one, the last instance formed in early 2013 and lasted until late 2016 when I broke the site when attempting to update it to use HTTPS. From then much like my photography itself, the website got put on the back burner, but I decided it was finally time to sort the site out.

Rather than fixing the previous version I have decided to start a fresh which is the site you see before you now. Unlike the last site, this one is going to be focused on my images with the blog element taking a backseat. Something that won’t be taking a backseat however is my photography. I have purchased the Canon EOS R which replaces my Canon EOS 6D and from the first few shoots with it; I am impressed and hope it will allow me to create a higher standard of work.

So that concludes this first post on my new site, I have got a few posts planned for the coming weeks so keep checking back.